Travel Money

How it works


Choose whether you want to order online or in-store

Whether you would like to order online or purchase in-store a couple of days before your trip, come to The Money Shop for great rates.


Choose your currency and amount

We sell nearly 60 different currencies, so wherever you’re going, we’ve got it covered.


Don’t forget your Buy Back Guarantee

Purchase a buy back guarantee and we will buy your leftover currency at the same rate you bought it**.

Ways to purchase

1. Purchase in-store for free

If you would like to pop in to one of our stores and purchase your currency over the counter, you can do this free of charge, however, please be aware that rates may differ slightly from the ones you see online.

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2. Click and collect (in-store)

Guarantee the great rates you see online, order your currency using our click and collect service. Charges apply for any orders less than £1,200.

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3. Order online (home delivery)

Order currency straight to your door. Charges apply for any order less than £1,200.

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Our new Travel Money service now includes home delivery!

Buy your foreign currency from a brand you can trust; with great rates, 0% commission and nearly 60 currencies available to order, we're hard to beat!

If you’re paying by credit/debit card you’ll need to bring some photo ID (e.g. passport, driving license). High value orders can be placed in-store, so just pop in to your local store for great rates! If you are in-store and purchasing over £5,000 you’ll need photo ID, proof of address and proof of funds.

Did you know we also offer a Buy Back Guarantee for an additional £3.99 per transaction** when you come in-store? This means we will guarantee to buy back any travel money you have left over at the same rate as it was purchased. So even if the rates change, you won’t be out of pocket.

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